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Quonset Hut – One of the most common and popular metal buildings is the Quonset hut. This type of metal building dots the countryside, and was primarily used to store equipment and vehicles during the 1940s. Nowadays, metal huts have been adapted into office spaces, cottages, homes, and even trendy business establishments! This is no small feat: from the humble and solid storage room to modern, vibrant architectural wonders, people from all over have found stability and comfort in the simple Quonset hut.

All in the Shape With A Quonset Hut Building

The Quonset hut is distinctive because of its semi-circular, rolling shape. It is a lightweight structure made up of steel, and is also known as the arched roof metal building. These can be assembled and disassembled with ease, and are simple to construct, maintain, and transport from one place to another. Their rolling shapes make them ideal to withstand various climates, rain or shine.

The success and efficiency of the Quonset hut design falls on its shape. The arched roofing secures the interior from all types of weather conditions, and ensures structural stability and integrity. Moreover, the even distribution of the weight of the roof rids the need for pillars and intricate framing. This means that the space can be fully maximized, and obstructions and compromises in space eliminated. The single solid structure also makes ventilation smooth. It is also highly conducive to natural lighting.

Although the exterior does not usually have siding options, drywall and paneling can be installed in the interior of the building, making it ideal for all types of uses. The interior can also be sectioned to include many rooms, and door and window options can be added for improved functionality.

This metal building type is a great investment for individuals who are planning to set up a new store, build a new garage, or improve their properties. The uses of the Quonset hut are growing, and there is no end to how people design their buildings.

Making Preparations

Knowing what Quonset huts are capable of, scout for designs and specifications that are particular to your need. Make rough drafts and preparations of your building plan, including function, size or dimensions of the building, and lot size or space. Finally, look for estimations from various companies as the budget is being finalized. Prefab kits usually begin at around $5,000 and become more expensive as the size increases. Prices also vary depending on the specifications added into the building. Once you start shopping for the metal building itself, take care to check the quality of the materials.

Quality Control

The desired characteristics of the arched metal roof are only attainable when the materials themselves are of the best quality. Industry experts are agreed that the 26-guage steel is the most appropriate for buildings. These sheet metals should have ideally been formed under 80,000 psi for maximum thickness. 26-guage sheet steel is roughly 0.02 inches, malleable enough for shaping but strong enough for large structures. 26-guage sheet metal is durable against wind, rain, hail and snow.

Sheet metals can come in the form of galvanized steel. Galvanized steel has been chemically treated with zinc oxide to become more resistant to corrosion and rusting. The layers of zinc oxide also make the steel sheets resistant to perforations, scratches and crack, and give it an appealing finish. Sheet metals that have been treated with zinc are proven to last longer than standard sheet metals, but other coated sheet metals, such as Galvalume, are also available for metal buildings. Galvalume is an aluminum, zinc and silicon alloy sheet metal. The presence of the alloys in Galvalume improves the sheet metal’s corrosion and perforation resistance, and adds a smoother, brighter finish to the surface.

The quality of a Quonset hut must also depend on the manner of assembly. To ensure that the hut is weather-tight and prone to leakage, make sure that all the panels make a tight fit. The bolts must also fit snugly, leaving a tight seal and preventing air holes. The purlins must also overlap equally and comfortably, without lacks and excesses in make.

Purchasing Quonset Hut “Style” Metal Building

When ordering a Quonset hut type metal building, make sure that the materials and the company you’re buying from are reliable. Before settling on a company, try to get an idea of what type of hut you want to build. This will factor in specifications you want added to your building that may be available in choice companies only.

Do not be afraid to ask the vendor about the materials. It is as much the buyer’s responsibility to know if the materials being used are safe and have gone through only the highest standards in testing. Asking for hidden costs may also help you to finalize the budget for your order. Finally, check if the company offers guarantees and warrantees on their products and services.